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Plastic Models & Supplies

For quality model construction supplies in Jacksonville, AR

When it comes to model construction supplies, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choices available.

Rail & Sprue Hobbies is here to help you navigate the world of model building, with sound advice, great products, and everything you need to produce spectacular models and realistic landscaping.
Our store in Jacksonville, AR caters to beginners and advanced hobbyists alike. So, whether you're just starting out or if you're looking for your next challenge, drop in and see us today.
Immerse yourself in a world of models and realistic landscaping, historic, current, or science fiction fantasy! 
Give us a call. Or, even better, come and take a look at our model construction supplies in Jacksonville today.
best model construction supplies store in Jacksonville, AR

Parts and accessories

Rail & Sprue Hobbies has all the model construction supplies you need. Whether your passion is historic, military, present times, or sci-fi fantasy we have parts and accessories for you.
Our range includes:
• Environments, tools, paints and building supplies to create your own landscapes
• Mountains, valleys, rivers and bridges, paints and decals
• Train tracks, signage, signaling, roads and bridges
• Diverse range of models for adults and for children of all ages
• Wide selection of aircraft, armored vehicles, automobiles, trucks and military figures
Visit us today in Jacksonville to see our inventory.
The best model construction supplies in Jacksonville, AR

Plastic models

Rail & Sprue Hobbies is a certified dealer of plastic models for land, sea and air.
Our extensive inventory is sure to have that easy to find, or more difficult to find model to match your needs and wants, and the supplies allowing you to create just the right supporting environment.
With pre-built plastic models and model kits for the do-it-yourselfer, our store in Jacksonville has something for everyone stocking well-known names such as:
• Airfix, AMT, Dragon
• Haseawa, Italeri
• Moebius Models
• MPC, Revell, Revell of Germany
Paint and model construction supplies in Jacksonville, AR

Paints and supplies

We have all the paints, tools and supplies any serious hobbyist could ask for--custom paints and decals, specialty adhesives and brushes to suit every need and every taste. Current, historic or futuristic environments can best be crafted from our custom paints, evergreen styrene, JTT Scenery Products, K&S Engineering metal, scale lumber, plastruct, and woodland scenics--Rail & Sprue Hobbies has it all!
We stock the finest brand names in the model paint and accessory business, including:
• Alclad II, Floquil, Humbrol, Mr. Color
• Tamiya acrylic, Testors, Testors model master
• Vallejo game color, Vallejo model color
• Environments--prepackaged sets, or individual bridges, valleys, mountains, rivers and more
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